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Badam Drink Tin 180 ML


Flavour – Badam
Specialty – Vegetarian
Volume – 180 ml
Package Type – Tin
Storage Condition – Keep it refrigerated
Safety warning – Do not consume it if the seal is broken


Know more about this item

  • Sweet and creamy, Badam Drink is the perfect refresher that satisfies your taste buds. The nutrition of almonds,
  • It is full of essential vitamins and minerals essential for holistic health. Enjoy its delectable flavour and nourishing goodness with every sip.
  • Refreshing and full of flavor, a glass of Badam Drink is all you need to cool down on a hot summer’s day.
Badam Drink Tin 180ml

Expertly crafted from freshly collected Badams, this drink is sure to please your taste buds. Every sip of Badam Drink contains essential vitamins.


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