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Bikaji Dal Biji 200 GM


Brand – Bikaji

Weight – 1KG

Ingredients – Gram Pulse Flour, Vegetable Oil, Musk Melon Seeds, Salt Red Chilli Power, Aniseed Power, Black Pepper Power

Maximum Shelf Life – 6 Months


Know more about this item

  • This fried, salty, and tasty snack is just what you need to stave off those little afternoon hunger pangs. This can also be offered as a side dish with drinks at a gathering of family or friends.
  • Dal biji, mix farsan, spicy mix stick namkeen indian snacks delight foods for tea.
  • No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat, No Flavoring Used, No Artificial Colors or Preservatives Adde
Dal Biji 200gm (Bikaji)

It is made from fried lentil balls, seasoned with spices such as cumin, black pepper, and chili powder. Bikaji is a brand that produces and sells Dal Biji, as well as other snacks and sweets.


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