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Bikaji Lite Jhalmuri 200 GM


Brand – Bikaji

Weight – 200 Gram

Ingredients – Puffed Rice (43%), Peanuts(35%), Dried potato Powder, Moth Flour, Gram Flour, Mustard oil, Edible Vegetable Oil (Peanut Oil and / or Palmolein Oil and / or Corn Oil), Salt, Coriander Seeds, Cumin ,Red Chilli Powder, Curry Leaves, Fennel Seeds,

Maximum Shelf Life – 6 Months


Know more about this item

  • Our ready-made Lite Jhalmuri is a delicious mixture consisting of poha, peanuts, onions, sev, lemon and a variety of mouth-watering spices.
  • The spicy and crunchy combination of puffed rice, gramme noodles, peanuts, and spices known as Jhal Muri is ideal for a quick afternoon snack.
  • Enjoy this light snack anyway you prefer it—with tea, coffee, cold drinks, or just on its own.
Lite Jhalmuri 200gm (Bikaji)

This light and crunchy snack is perfect for all occasions and is so good you won’t be able to resist it!


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