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Bikaji Murukku 200 GM


Brand – Bikaji

Weight –  200 Gram

Indgredients – Bishop’s Seed, Rice Flour , Refined Wheat Flour, and Black Pepper

Shelf  life – 6 month



Know more about this item

  • Bikaji Murukku is made with high-quality rice flour and a blend of spices that are carefully chosen to give it a unique flavor and aroma. It is a crunchy and savory snack that is made with rice flour and different spices.
  • The Bikaji brand offers a 200gm pack of Murukku, which is perfect for snacking or serving guests. Murukku is a popular Indian snack that originated in South India.
  • Murukku is usually prepared during festive occasions and is a must-have item in most Indian households.
Murukku 200gm (Bikaji)

The Murukku is made with high-quality ingredients and is seasoned with a blend of spices that give it a delicious and unique flavor and simply open the pack and serve it as a snack with tea or coffee.


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