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Bikaji Paratha Homestyle 6 Pieces 360 GM


Brand – Bikaji

Weight –  360 Gram

Ingredients – Hing powder, Red chili, Flour,  Salt, garlic and Chickpea powder


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  • Grab a pack of Bikaji Paratha Homestyle and indulge in the goodness of traditional Indian food. These parathas are made using a traditional recipe that includes a blend of wheat flour, oil, and spices, giving them an authentic and delicious taste.
  • Paratha Homestyle 6pcs 360gm from Bikaji is a delicious and suitable food product that offers a taste of traditional Indian cuisine in a ready-to-eat package.
  • It can be eaten as a standalone snack, paired with some chutney or pickle for added taste, or used as a base for dishes like kathi rolls or frankies.
Paratha Homestyle 6pcs 360gm (Bikaji)

Paratha Homestyle is a versatile food product that can be enjoyed in various ways. This pack of six homestyle parathas is a perfect blend of traditional taste and modern convenience, providing an authentic and delicious taste of India in a ready-to-eat package. Each pack of Paratha Homestyle weighs 360 grams and contains six parathas that are made using a traditional recipe.


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