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Bikaji Soan Papdi 500 GM


Brand  Bikaji

Weight  500Gram

Ingredients – Gram Flour, Pistachio, Sugar and Cardamom

Shelf Life – 6 month

Know more about this item
  • Bikaji Soan Papdi is made with only the finest ingredients, and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Soan Papdi is a popular Indian dessert made from gram flour, sugar, and ghee & is commonly served during festivals or special occasions.
  • A 500gm packet of Bikaji Soan Papdi typically contains around 20-25 servings, depending on the size of the serving.
  • Soan Papdi is a high-calorie dessert, and a single serving can contain a significant amount of calories, sugar, and fat.
Soan Papdi 500gm (Bikaji)

Bikaji's Soan Papdi is known for its high quality ingredients and delicate texture. It is made using traditional recipes and techniques to ensure that the final product is delicious and authentic. Bikaji's Soan Papdi is available in different sizes, ranging from small packets to large boxes, making it a perfect gift or treat for any occasion.


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