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Bikaji Tandoori Naan Garlic 5 Pieces 400 GM



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  • Bikaji’s Tandoori Naan Garlic contains five pieces, making it a convenient option for families or for those who like to stock up on their favorite snacks. Each pack weighs 400gm, which is enough to satisfy your appetite without being too heavy. Tandoori Naan Garlic
  • Made with a combination of wheat flour, yeast, garlic, and a blend of spices, Tandoori Naan Garlic is baked in a tandoor oven to create a crispy, fluffy, and tasty bread. Tandoori Naan Garlic comes in a pack of 5 pcs, which is perfect for a family or small gathering.
  • Tandoori Naan Garlic is a popular Indian bread that is loved by many for its delicious taste and aroma.
Tandoori Naan Garlic 5pcs 400gm (Bikaji)

Bikaji's Tandoori Naan Garlic is a delicious and convenient option for anyone looking to enjoy the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine. The soft and fluffy naans are infused with the aromatic flavors of garlic, making them a perfect accompaniment to a range of Indian curries, soups, and stews.


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