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On Religion: Selected Writings – Khushwant Singh


Khushwant Singh, one of India’s most original thinkers on a wide range of subjects, remained keenly engaged, all his life, with the nature of belief and faith; with God; as well as the many foibles-some significant, others laughable-of organized religion. And after having intensely, extensively introspected on his own spiritual growth, Singh evolved a personal credo everyone would do well to bear in mind that each human being must work out their own religion as it best fits their lives. On Religion brings together some of Singh’s most evocative writings. Included in this anthology are his ruminations on agnosticism and how he arrived at it; explorations of the concepts of morality and reason; his unsparing skewering of the many customs and habits which masquerade as religion and faith; and recountings of the delightful encounters he had with the godwomen of his times. Unabashed, free-ranging and delightfully iconoclastic, Khushwant Singh’s On Religion is not to be missed.

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