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The Fakir the Journey Continues – Ruzbeh Nari Bharucha


The all-knowing FAKIR who guides him every step of the way and Rudra embark on a journey to the higher realms of the spirit world…and experience its all-encompassing magic..the magnificent power of unconditional love, wisdom and surrender. A gripping story told with humour, it weaves in and out of the physical and astral realms where the seeker transforms into the lover and begins to understand the ancient law of free will, the extraordinary power of human thought, choices and intent that shape our lives in both the worlds. Walking a road where we are constantly surrounded by our Guides, Guardian Angels, Masters, family and friends in the Spirit world. who enter our world through the power of prayers to guide, bless, heal and remind us that there are no separations ever. THE FAKIR reveals how complete love for the MASTER is like a mighty river of light. navigating us constantly through the turbulent waters of karma..addictions. ignorance and merging the seeker into the ocean of pure consciousness. Death is a myth. Life never ends. Ignorance does.

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