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When Pihu and Dushyant are wheeled into room 509 of GKL Hospital, all they know is that their lives are in the worst possible moment. Pihu has an incurable, fatal disease, and Dushyant’s reckless addiction has begun to shut down his organs. Their only hope is to put their lives in the hands of their brilliant doctors. All they know is that they are looking at a terrifying death coming for them. But will they find love along the way? When Pihu and Dushyant were first admitted to GKL Hospital and were assigned the same room, no one, especially not their doctors, could have imagined how their lives were going to transform in the course of a month. From surprising sparks of medical brilliance to unexpectedly tender moments, room 509 bore witness to a host of miracles. But can it bring everlasting happiness to its occupants? Read on to find out what fate has in store for Pihu and Dushyant and their doctors in this final instalment of Durjoy Datta’s compelling story Till the Last Breath

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