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777 Cut Mango Pickle 300 GM


Brand – 777
Package Information – Jar
Material Feature – Vegetarian
Specialty  – suitable for vegetarians, no artificial colours
Flavour – Mango
SHELF LIFE – 12 months
Storage Instructions – Store it in a cool, dry place.
Safety warning – Do not consume it if the seal is broken


Know more about this item

  • Cut Mango Pickle – Typical Hot n Tangy South Indian Pickle made using Fresh Green Raw Mangoes cut into small bits and pickled using salt and other spices blended and seasoned with mustard and edible oil. Your Curd Rice needs our pickle.
  • pickled with salt and other spices that have been combined and seasoned with mustard and edible oil.
  • It pairs well with dishes like curd rice, dosa, poori, breads, and chappathi.
  • A pickle is essential to any Indian meal. We at 777 Foods are pleased to offer you this pickle, which is made from the ideal combination of pickled veggies, carefully chosen spices, and traditional seasonings like gingelly oil.
Cut Mango Pickle 300 gm (777)

A perfect blend of traditional Indian flavors and modern taste. Made with top-quality ingredients, this pickle combines sweet, sour, and spicy notes to bring out the best in every meal.


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