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Aashirvaad Chakki Atta (5 KG x 4)

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Brand – Aashirvaad
Weight – 5 Kg
Specialty – suitable for vegeterians
Diet Type – Vegetarian
Package Weight – 20.06 Kilograms
Form – Raw

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Know more about this item

  • Enjoy your favourite meals with the organic selection of products from Aashirvaad.
  • It is an organic substance, Aashirvaad Nature’s Superfoods Organic Atta. It complies with strict quality controls and pure product standards.
  • It has been carefully sourced and packaged to ensure that you receive both flavour and nutrients.
  • The dietary fibres and minerals in the organic atta support immunity and facilitate simple digestion.
  • Enjoy rotis prepared with Aashirvaad Organic Atta that are soft and delicious.


Aashirvaad Chakki Atta 5kg

Rich in fiber and essential nutrients, this atta is the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals who love the taste of home-cooked food. So, go ahead and add Aashirvaad Chakki Atta to your cart today!


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