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Bikaji Mathri 200 GM


Brand –  Bikaji

Weight – 1KG

Ingredients – Fresh Chhena, Sugar, Water

Maximum Shelf Life – 3 Months


Know more about this item

  • Your chai time would be even more delightful if you have Hit Bite namkeen crunchy crispy round papadi mathri with flavour and aroma of ajwain and crispness of suji.
  • You can have it at home with family, in the office, while travelling, as a light breakfast, or as a snack during any chai or cold drink party!
  • The original crunch and spice of rava, ajwain seeds, and flavour of black pepper and salt are present in our healthy snack crispy Mathri.
Mathri 200gm (Bikaji)

A freshness and quality guarantee is included with every box of crispy round papadi for Mathri or any other snack.


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